Exchange Checker/Converter

The exchange checker/converter is a fully in browser (no server side processing) file converter for the WHP Exchange format to the newer CF/netCDF format. It will also output the other legacy formats at CCHDO: WOCE, the COARDS netCDF formats, and a WOCE sum file. This converter is only available in the html/browser versions of the documentation.


Processing a CTD file can take a long time and I don’t yet know how to show progress in the browser.

cchdo.hydro version:
cchdo.params version:


from js import document, console, window, Uint8Array, Blob from pyodide.ffi import create_proxy import asyncio import io import traceback from cchdo.hydro import read_exchange from cchdo.hydro import accessors from cchdo.hydro import __version__ as hydro_version from cchdo.params import __version__ as params_version Element("hydro_version").element.innerText = hydro_version Element("params_version").element.innerText = params_version import logging import sys root = logging.getLogger() root.setLevel(logging.DEBUG) handler = logging.StreamHandler(sys.stderr) handler.setLevel(logging.DEBUG) formatter = logging.Formatter('%(asctime)s - %(name)s - %(levelname)s - %(message)s') handler.setFormatter(formatter) root.addHandler(handler) async def load_ex_bytes(ex_bytes, checks): return read_exchange(ex_bytes, checks=checks) async def to_netcdf(ex): ex.to_netcdf("") with open("", "rb") as f: return async def to_coards(ex): return ex.cchdo.to_coards() async def to_woce(ex): return ex.cchdo.to_woce() async def to_xarray_callback(arg): bytes = bytearray( ex_bytes = io.BytesIO(bytes) status = Element("status") check_flags = Element("checks_flags").element.checked checks = { "flags": check_flags } try: ex = await load_ex_bytes(ex_bytes, checks=checks) except ValueError as er: traceback.print_exception(er) status.element.innerText = f"Failure see traceback..." Element("process_exchange").element.disabled = False return status.element.innerText = f"Success, generating files" await asyncio.sleep(0.1) try: nc = await to_netcdf(ex) nc_blob =[], {type : 'application/netcdf'}) nc_url = window.URL.createObjectURL(nc_blob) nc_download_link = document.createElement("a") nc_download_link.href = nc_url nc_fname = ex.cchdo.gen_fname() = nc_fname nc_download_link.innerText = f"Download CF/netCDF: {nc_fname}" output = Element("output") output.element.appendChild(nc_download_link) output.element.appendChild(document.createElement("br")) except Exception as er: status.element.innerText = f"Could not generate CF/netCDF" await asyncio.sleep(0.1) #status.element.innerText = f"Generating COARDS netCDF (very slow)" #await asyncio.sleep(0.1) #try: # coards = await to_coards(ex) # coards_blob =[], {type : 'application/octet-stream'}) # coards_url = window.URL.createObjectURL(coards_blob) # coards_download_link = document.createElement("a") # coards_download_link.href = coards_url # = "" # coards_download_link.innerText = "Download COARDS netcdf zip" # output = Element("output") # output.element.appendChild(coards_download_link) # output.element.appendChild(document.createElement("br")) #except Exception as ex: # print(ex) # status.element.innerText = f"Could not generate COARDS netCDF" await asyncio.sleep(0.1) status.element.innerText = f"Generating WOCE Files" await asyncio.sleep(0.1) try: woce = await to_woce(ex) woce_blob =[], {type : 'application/octet-stream'}) woce_url = window.URL.createObjectURL(woce_blob) woce_download_link = document.createElement("a") woce_download_link.href = woce_url = "woce_output.txt" woce_download_link.innerText = "Download Woce (might be txt or zip)" output = Element("output") output.element.appendChild(woce_download_link) output.element.appendChild(document.createElement("br")) except: status.element.innerText = f"Could not generate WOCE" await asyncio.sleep(0.1) try: summary = ex.cchdo.to_sum() summary_blob =[], {type : 'application/octet-stream'}) summary_url = window.URL.createObjectURL(summary_blob) summary_download_link = document.createElement("a") summary_download_link.href = summary_url = "woce_sum.txt" summary_download_link.innerText = "Download Woce Sumfile" output = Element("output") output.element.appendChild(summary_download_link) output.element.appendChild(document.createElement("br")) except: status.element.innerText = f"Could not generate WOCE" Element("process_exchange").element.disabled = False status.element.innerText = "File Generation Complete" def _process_exchange(): Element("process_exchange").element.disabled = True try: status = Element("status") status.element.innerText = "Processing..." file_list = Element("ex_file").element.files first_item = file_list.item(0) first_item.arrayBuffer().then(to_xarray_callback) except: status.element.innerText = "Error, was a file picked?" Element("process_exchange").element.disabled = False

Python Log Console

packages = ["xarray", "cchdo.hydro", "netcdf4"] [[interpreters]] src = "" name = "pyodide-0.25.1" lang = "python"